About Us

Welcome to Pasumai Pazhagu

Pasumai Pazhagu is a fresh dairy products and other organic food products company based in Coimbatore, Saravanampatty, Tamil Nadu Our Aim is to establish direct supply of products between farmers and consumers, our products includes, Farm fresh milk, Ghee, Palkova, Jaggery and oils etc.,

Mrs. Anisha Sivanandan, was the founder of pasumai pazhagu, who take an initiative to work along with the Local farmers and to uplift them in our society. Childrens who were the primary consumers of milk, As a mother of 2 kids she wished to supplier of fresh dairy products and other food products to the upcoming generation, and to protect native cow breeds, Organic farming and also to help the farmers, we collect milk and food products like fruits and vegetables from local villages.

Our Vision

To deliver natural and farm fresh dairy products and other food products directly from farmers to consumers without affecting our environment, all of our products are delivered using glass bottles & vessels, with affordable price and without added any preservatives. Our vision is to spread the Mantra

“Pasumai Pazhagu”

Our Mission

Continually adopt practices and methods to protect the environment and ensure the safety of our society at large, Our Mission is to reach valuable consumers with our superior quality.

Our Plans

Expand our products like organic fruits & Vegetables, Spices and Masalas, Tea & Coffee Powder, Dry fruits & Nuts, Health Drink Mix for kids, etc., Directly fruits & Nuts, Health drink mix for kids etc., Directly to the consumers through our mobile App with maintaining the organic Texture.

Our Products

Raw cows milk is hand-milked and collected from the farmers, a sample is taken for quality analysis before the milk enters our plant.

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